Guangdong Foshan Gumei Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd.

Foshan Gumei Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde, which is known as the "Capital of Gas Tools", "Capital of Home Appliances", "Food Paradise" and the window of reform, development and innovation in China.
Looking east to Shenzhen, south to Hong Kong, Macao and north to Guangzhou, the three places are only 20 minutes'journey around. They have a three-dimensional modern transportation and logistics network of land, sea and air. It is veryconvenient for freight transportation and travel.



A large private enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of household electrical products


Product Innovation

Adhering to Chunhu Technology and Strong R&D Team, the forefront of Chunhu Infrared Gas Tool Core Technology

Enterprise Advantage

Shunde is known as "the capital

of gas appliances", "the capital of household appliances", "the paradise of food" and the window of

reform, development and innovation.

Energy Conservation

Gumei Electric Appliance is more energy-saving, more energy-saving, more gas-saving and more durable.

Intimate Service

With sincere attitude and intimate service, Gumei Electrical Appliances has established cooperative relations with customers

all over the world.


Green low-carbon gas cookers penetrate into people's lives and enter a new era of energy-saving and health


In order to implement the Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China and speed up the popularization and promotion of key energy-saving technologies, the National Development and Reform Commission recently released the Catalogue of Promotion of National Key Energy-saving Technologies (the fourth batch).

How much do you know about kitchen utensils?


We use kitchen utensils every day, but how much do you know about the basic knowledge of kitchen utensils? Now let's teach you some practical tips.~First, kitchen utensils mainly include the following five categories:

How to buy cookers?


Cookers can be said to be closely related to our lives, then, for long-term users of cookers, how can we choose a good cooker? Here are a few common sense of buying cookers for your reference.