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Green low-carbon gas cookers penetrate into people's lives and enter a new era of energy-saving and health

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In order to implement the Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China and speed up the popularization and promotion of key energy-saving technologies, the National Development and Reform Commission recently released the Catalogue of Promotion of National Key Energy-saving Technologies (the fourth batch). Only 22 energy-saving technologies were selected in China. Guangzhou Hongri Fuel Utensils Co., Ltd. independently developed "High Infrared Emissivity Porous Ceramic Energy-saving Burner Technology" as the recommended technology of Guangdong Province, only this technology was selected.
"High Infrared Emissivity Porous Ceramic Energy Saving Burner Technology" uses "High Infrared Emissivity Porous Ceramic Plate" instead of "traditional rare metal materials with high energy consumption such as copper, iron, chromium and aluminium, nickel, chromium and aluminium", "Fully Premixed Flameless Catalytic Combustion Technology" instead of "traditional open flame combustion technology", and "Infrared Radiation Heat Transfer" instead of "Convection Heat Transfer" to realize product manufacturing. The whole process of manufacturing, using and discarding is energy-saving and low-emission.
This technology is mainly used in civil and commercial gas stoves, heating, barbecue products, industrial heating, drying and baking equipment and other fields. Its thermal efficiency is up to 65% and energy saving is over 30% compared with the national standard. It greatly reduces the content of harmful substances such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides in combustion exhaust gas and carcinogens, and takes full care of users'health. It adopts completely premixed flameless catalytic combustion technology. Surgery, no open fire contact with the bottom of the pot, eliminating the phenomenon of carbon deposition at the bottom of the pot, clean and sanitary; porous ceramics acid, alkali, salt, sulfur, high temperature, quench and heat resistance, no cracking and deformation, long-term use in high temperature and humid environment, non-oxidative stainless corrosion, the average life of more than 12,000 hours, can be used normally for 8 years, durable.
Guangzhou Hongri Fuel Utensils Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the research and development of "high infrared emissivity porous ceramic energy-saving burner technology" for more than 20 years. It has passed the technical appraisal of Guangdong Science and Technology Department, won the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award and the first prize of Guangzhou Science and Technology Award, and applied this technology to the large-scale manufacture of household gas energy-saving stoves. "Red Ri Brand" infrared porous ceramics energy-saving cookers have also been certified as China's energy-saving products and China's environmental protection products, and won the famous brand products and trademarks of Guangdong Province.
According to market survey, at present, the proportion of energy-saving stoves in sales and users is about 3%. If vigorously promoted, it is expected that by 2015, the proportion of energy-saving gas stoves using high infrared emissivity porous ceramics in urban households will be 30%, and that in rural areas will be 20%. This will save 1.35 million tons of natural gas-traded coal annually, with remarkable social and economic benefits.
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